Act 2 Scene 1

It is two weeks later, and Alison is making tea while Jimmy practices his trumpet offstage. Helena enters, attractive and dressed expensively, carrying a large colander. She works in the theater, and is a friend of Alison's from her life prior to Jimmy. The women discuss Helena's help during the week and the two men. Helena asks Alison if Cliff is in love with her, which Alison hesitatingly refutes. Alison says that there's nothing substantial to their flirtation, and it's completely innocent. She explains that Jimmy doesn't mind because it is a "question of allegiances." They begin to discuss Hugh Tanner, Jimmy's childhood friend, who, with Hugh's mother, started him off in the sweet business. Alison disliked Hugh immediately when they moved in with him on their wedding night.

Alison admits the…..



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