Act 1

The audience is introduced to the scene of the Porters' one-room apartment in the Midlands on an early April evening. The curtain rises on a large Victorian attic room, furnished simply with a dressing table, a double bed, a bookshelf, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a gas stove and a cupboard. Downstage center is a dining table with three chairs, as well as two worn leather armchairs.

Jimmy Porter and Cliff Lewis are seated in the armchairs, surrounded by newspapers. They are both about twenty-five, although Cliff has an easy air about him while Jimmy seems more tightly wound. Alison Porter, Jimmy's wife, a tall, dark girl with a striking beauty, is ironing off to the left.

Jimmy begins his usual tirade against the quality of the papers he and Cliff are reading, and…..


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